Smart Contract Insights

With a few lines of code, TokenAnalyst's low-latency streams intelligently monitor your smart contracts and accounts for unusual behavior, errors, and spikes in usage


Websocket and REST connections available with JSON and Avro response formats


anomalies spotted


events processed


deployed blockchain nodes

We do the heavy lifting for you

Clustering & Correlation

Our supervised and unsupervised ML algorithms group events and users into actionable buckets

Easy Integration

Subscribe via Websocket and REST connections, monitor via Slack, Telegram, or request app of choice

Anomaly Detection

We monitor every interaction and notify you of problems before your customers do

Rich Analytics

Query, visualize, and understand metrics key to your decentralized business

Our goal is to bring greater transparency to the decentralized economy. We are based in London but our team is decentralized. We're actively hiring! Reach out at [email protected]

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